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Product Information

X-Track – Powered Rear Tracks for Combines

Mud Hog adapted the Camso conversion track system, a 100% bolt-on solution, to the Mud Hog hydraulic rear drive axles for combines. This new technology is the first of its kind and provides farmers with the ability to have powered rear tracks on their combines for improved harvesting performance.

The Camso conversion track systems for the rear of the combine are primarily targeting situations where the fields are very wet creating access issues. With farmers equipping tracks on the front axle of their combines, they are able to access and harvest fields with poor footing conditions that the wheeled machines just could not get to.
The Camso conversion track systems on the Mud Hog rear powered axle for a combine improves the performance during harvest:
     • Maximizes mobility and traction in challenging/poor field conditions
     • Improves steer-ability in those soft conditions as the tracks reduce ruts/field damage      and consequently soil repair after harvest from combine operated in those challenging field conditions

Combine Compatibility:
• CNH Flagship machines
• John Deere STS and S Series
• Working on more compatibility
     o Machine MUST have Mud Hog or factory equivalent to be compatible