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No matter what kind of business you run – from a small convenience store to a large soy farm – finding new ways to reduce costs will always be a top priority. One of the easiest and most effective ways for farmers to increase savings is to use less fuel while operating tractors, combines and other heavy machinery. Below, you’ll find tips and advice you can put into practice right away to achieve greater fuel efficiency in the field. Drop warm-up times Today’s gas and diesel engines no longer require a lengthy warm-up before they’re ready to go. In fact, the majority of engine manufacturers recommend a warm-up time of three minutes or less, even on colder mornings. Cut idling Letting your engine sit and idle for any period of time is not only bad for the environment, it’s just as destructive to your wallet. Research shows that for every hour a diesel engine spends idling, $4 worth of fuel is wasted. Spread that cost across multiple pieces of equipment, and you’re looking at a loss of thousands of dollars a year. Take care of your tires Properly inflating your tires to the level recommended by your equipment manufacturer is key to improved fuel efficiency and more. Over-inflated tires will not only fail to improve fuel economy, they can decrease traction, create soil ruts and damage sidewalls. Overloading is another common way many farmers waste fuel due to increased rolling resistance. Mind maintenance requirements Maintain your farming equipment and it will not only last longer, it will run stronger and more efficiently. Be sure to lubricate necessary components and change air and fuel filters before and after every harvest. Then, grab your owner’s manual and perform any recommended maintenance measures. Add four-wheel drive capability In addition to powering your combine through the wettest of soil conditions, Mud Hog hydraulic rear-wheel drive systems deliver enhanced speed and traction in any weather. And by putting less strain on your engine and transmission, a Mud Hog can help deliver a noticeable improvement in overall fuel efficiency. About Mud Hog The first and only technology of its kind, Mud Hog hydraulic rear-wheel drive systems are engineered to provide your front-wheel drive combines, cotton pickers and more with uncompromising four-wheel drive capability for increased agricultural production. By improving combine performance in all climate conditions – wet or dry – a Mud Hog can help you harvest faster, with less fuel, less compaction and less wear on your engine. Sources: agweb.comagenergysolutions.org