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It’s no secret – advances in technology are playing an increasingly large role in the agricultural world, providing essential information for the planting, growing and harvesting of virtually any crop, no matter the region. Smartphone apps – available for iPhone, iPad and most Android devices, are one piece of the digital pie that farmers have begun to adopt in large numbers. Apps allow farmers to receive incredibly detailed weather information, significantly increase yield rates, keep track of every aspect of their operation and much more. Below, we highlight five of the best farming apps available today. Apps that can help you save time and maximize production. 1) Farm Progress Farm Progress, a free app from “Agriculture’s Information Leader,” is a reliable source of up-to-date news from many of top outlets in the agricultural industry. The Farm Progress app delivers farmers with the latest stories relating to the grain market, weather – even top blogs. The best part? The app automatically sends you to the right local Farm Progress website, so you get stories, data and reports that are relevant to your particular location. 2) FarmLogs One of the most difficult aspects of working in the field is keeping tabs on field activity data. FarmLogs is a free app that enables multiple crew members to log and update live activity records related to planting, fertilizing and harvesting using GPS technology. According to AgriSight, the developer of FarmLogs, the app can help farmers create crop plans, study field performance, schedule operations more efficiently – even forecast and measure profits. 3) YieldCheck Easily calculate corn yield estimates and uncover the amount of bushels – and subsequent profit – you can expect from this fall’s harvest with the free YieldCheckapp from Precision Planting. YieldCheck can categorize estimates based on client, farm and field, the locations of which are viewable on a map that is generated via satellite imagery. 4) Mix Tank Winner of AgProfessional Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Top Product of the Year Award for 2011, the Mix Tank app from Precision Laboratories is designed to assist agricultural applicators with the proper tank mixing sequence of crop protection products. Mix Tank also captures product use rates and application information with mix sheets and conveniently maintains accurate spray logs for easy record keeping. 5) Harvest Loss Calculator As its name suggests, the Harvest Loss Calculator app from Ag PhD allows farmers to estimate yield loss before and during harvest by recording the number of individual corn, soybean, wheat, sorghum, barley or oat seeds found on the ground in a square foot. With this information, the app can calculate the number of bushels farmers have lost per acre. App users can also enter current crop prices to determine exactly how much money is lying on the ground as harvest loss on a per-acre basis. About Mud Hog The first and only technology of its kind, Mud Hog hydraulic rear-wheel drive systems are engineered to provide your front-wheel drive combines, cotton pickers and more with uncompromising four-wheel drive capability for increased agricultural production. By improving combine performance in all climate conditions – wet or dry – a Mud Hog can help you harvest faster, with less fuel, less compaction and less wear on your engine.